What Are Some Of The Most Popular Firework Types?

Fireworks have been a fun way to spice up an event, such as celebrating Bonfire Night or having a blast off on New Year’s Eve with the lads. If you want to use it for a birthday bash at your house, we have just the products for you as well, just be sure to follow safety precautions and local laws regarding fireworks use! 

Celebrating things is a tradition that all societies and countries have. With the Americans celebrating their Fourth of July, and other countries with special holidays that call for a day of fun, fireworks are undoubtedly an important part in the display. Here are some of the most common firework types we carry at Lets Party Fireworks, and what they do:


These kinds are called cakes because they look reminiscent of a birthday cake, with a bunch of firework tubes glued together containing a single shot that floats up into the air. These tubes are all connected by an internal fuse that you light once and run to safety. The cake simultaneously lights up all the fuses of each tube, which produces an explosion once it floats up high enough into the air. 

We like to think of this as the product with the best value for money because of its firing sequence. A 16-tube cake will produce 16 blasts, and so on depending on the size of your cake, but this is definitely a fun way to spend an evening of fun and lights. 

Roman Candle

The Roman Candle is a traditional firework that has been around for centuries. It has a card tube with a shell inside it, which is ignited by a fuse running into the tube into a lifting charge. When lit up. The shell pops out of the open-top and explodes into a unique effect with the candle mounted on the ground. 

Fan Cakes

Fan cakes have a shape reminiscent of a hand-fan, wherein the tubes are angles slightly causing shots to fly out from the left and the right of the set. These produce a barrage of multiple shots with a professional effect. Fan cakes are quite expensive, but if you are hosting a large event and want an ideal finale for it, these are the ones to buy. Firing simultaneous shots in a chaser sequence from left to right, you and your guests will definitely be at awe with the light show. 


Creating a volcano-esque effect, fountains are known for spewing out a series of plumes that look like eruptions and are extremely colourful. While these only carry a single effect that comes out of a cone-shaped casing, having some of these in a line is an amazing way to give off a cool explosion. 


Rockets are an awesome firework to have because they create a large explosion in the air once launched out of the tubes, but are often short-effects. Once the rocket flies up and blows up, that is the end of its life, and the whole process for that tube is done. The trade-off though is that these produce some of the most beautiful air effects, such as glittery explosions and large icons followed by a loud bang or crackle. 


With fireworks being readily available with our site, we can’t wait to be the supplier for your next event or party. Celebrating is not complete without a big bang to end the night or welcome something new in life. Use fireworks responsibly and in accordance with the law, as well as study the safety categories to keep you and your home or establishment safe. Firework categories in the UK are as follows:

Category 1 – Indoor fireworks CE marked, safety advise, and category 1 stated on the packaging.

Category 2 – Garden fireworks CE marked, safety advise, and category 2 stated on the packaging. Category 2 fireworks have an 8-metre safety distance.

Category 3 – Display fireworks CE marked, safety advise, and category 3 stated on the packaging. Category 3 fireworks have a 15-metre firing distance but a 25-metre spectator safety distance.

Category 4 – British Standard as being not suitable for sale to the general public. Category 4 fireworks are for professional use only and can not be sold to the general public.

Lets Party Fireworks has been the top distributor of fireworks in the UK for over ten years, with experience in the field going further than a decade! Our passion for a good time and a unique celebration has brought us to give you only the highest quality fireworks in the world, so stock your next event up with our fireworks today!