3 Simple Ways to Comfort Your Dogs During the Fireworks

Traditional and grandest parties alike call for a touch of excitement to lift up everyone’s spirits and bring people together in a joyous moment. When it comes to celebrating something as momentous as Fourth of July or welcoming New Year’s, the party won’t be complete without setting the night sky on fire with fireworks. 

The flashy lights, dramatic sparkles, and kaleidoscopic explosions compel everyone to revel at the moment and appreciate the light show, but the thunderous bang, blinding light, and the acrid odor can be a source of fright for your furry companions - especially dogs! 

Fourth of July and New Year’s may be exciting times for you, but it can be a frightening day for pooches across the world. It’s also the busiest time for animal shelters as fireworks force many terrified dogs to run off frantically from home in fear. With that in mind, the tips below should help paw-parents anywhere calm their canine buddies and watch the fireworks with peace of mind. 

Tip #1: Familiarize Your Dogs with the Sound of Fireworks 

Not all dogs are frightened of fireworks. Some pooches who grew up in an environment with similar sounds and smells learn to become desensitized, like Gundogs, for instance. One way to help ease your dogs is to let them grow accustomed to the loud cracks, bangs, and explosions, even if it’s a simple video of fireworks from YouTube. 

While it doesn’t provide the complete experience, it’s a great introduction that should lessen the shock once the fireworks start cracking up. Be sure to play with them while the video is on the background too! Giving them treats and entertainment during this time should help your furry friends associate fireworks with something fun!

Tip #2: Provide a Safe Space For Your Dog 

Help calm your dog by placing them in a relaxing and safe environment. Purchasing a crate that you can add on the corner, for example, helps give them a tight spot to hide once the sky starts coming alive. Adding blankets can also help boost up their comfort level, while you can elevate the experience even more by wrapping your fur baby’s in a thunder shirt for dogs

The gentle pressure combined with a safe hiding area should help ease their anxieties significantly. Of course, it’s best to shut the windows and curtains where your dog is staying to minimize the sound and smell as much as possible. 

Tip #3: Create Distractions For Your Dog 

In addition to creating a safe haven for your dogs during the Fourth of July celebrations, you can also distract them from the thunderous noises by playing on loud yet soothing noises on the TV. Many dogs seem to appreciate classic music, though ambient sounds can also help. 

Along with audio distractions, keep their focus on their favorite toys and treats by showering them with as much playtime and love during this stressful moment. 

The Bottom Line: Enjoy the Fireworks With Peace of Mind 

Looking to watch fireworks without the thought of your fur babies curling up in anxiety at the back of your head? The tips above should help ease your pooch’s worries so you can sit back, relax, and party under a colorful sky with only the best, safest, and highest quality fireworks from us! 

With Lets Party Fireworks, we can offer a unique selection of fireworks perfect for all occasions, so get in touch with us and see how we can help brighten up your parties.