Out With a Historic Bang: The History of Fireworks

Do you know your basic fireworks history? Whether you do or not, it’s important to discuss these crucial milestones more to give you an appreciation for fireworks, and their explosive, positive impact on the world. And no—it has nothing to do with the Big Bang Theory, but it does have a cultural impact and key moments in scientific innovation.

This article will talk about key historical events about fireworks that you need to know. Take this moment to appreciate these event-centric tools to gain a deeper appreciation of why they are essential to human history, and how you can relive the bright colours of history by buying your own set of fireworks for your next event.

Firecrackers and the Legend of the Mountain Men 

The Chinese first developed fireworks around 200 B.C. with written accounts saying that they were experimenting with bamboo stalks that were heated on coals for drying, which later on expanded then burst. The Chinese used their newfound discovery on the so-called mountain men or spirits that brought bad luck upon their travels. 

Today, the Chinese still use modern fireworks to uphold the tradition of fending off evil spirits during Chinese New Year. Many communities outside China, whether of Chinese blood or not, also use fireworks but now mostly to welcome the New Year every January. It is said that the fireworks are also a means to fend off the negative thoughts of last year and look forward to the bright future ahead. 

Fireworks’ Colourful History with Chemicals 

The Chinese knew that there was so much more to do with combustible bamboo, so a few alchemists experimented with sulfur and charcoal around 600 to 900 C.E. It was later on developed into a Huo Yao or fire drug. These early-day fireworks became a cultural tradition for fending off spirits and were further advanced by the military as aerial weapons—but the colourful history didn’t stop there. 

There were further firework-related developments that launched experiments with a different metal. It was this interaction that introduced different chemical reactions that would produce colourful explosions. For example, if you wanted to have a red-coloured explosion, you can add lithium and strontium compounds. These colourful combinations of chemical reactions in aerial shells are what gave way to the modern-day fireworks that we now all know and love. 

Rocket Fireworks: The New Frontier for Pyrotechnics 

Fireworks are not only known for their explosive chemical reactions but also the iconic ice cream-cone like shape, which was developed by the gelato-loving Italians in the 1830s. These aerial shells contained some fuel at the bottom of the cone to trigger the pyrotechnic materials at the top. Italian pyrotechnicians are also responsible for coming up with the different colours that modern rocket fireworks use. 

Today, you can now find fireworks in different countries because of their cultural significance on different occasions. For example, the Guy Fawkes Night celebrations in November have brilliant fireworks displays to remember that important time in history. And now, you can easily buy fireworks online to make your event memorable and truly explosive, thanks to the best fireworks in history from us at Let’s Party Fireworks! 


Fireworks have made history by introducing spectacular displays of flashing colours and exciting sounds. It continues to be an event-worth option for many events today, and it will continue to dazzle others in the future. Remember all the previously mentioned historical facts and use fireworks for your next big event today!

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