An Essential Guide to Setting up Cake & Candle Fireworks

Fireworks offer a spectacular view as they burst and create breathtaking, colourful patterns in the sky. As your loved ones and guests become mesmerised and entertained by their stunning movements and every boom, pop, and bang, these moments make celebrations extra special and memorable. 

Fireworks come in a wide range of types, and one of the most popular ones is cakes. This type of fireworks is made from cardboard tubes with shots that are connected and fused. When the lights go off, they can create fantastic, diverse, and long-lasting effects with only minimal safety concerns. Some of their best aspects are they are weatherproof and easy to set up.

If you are looking for fireworks for sale and considering buying cakes or candles, then this guide is for you. In this article, we will share with you how to set them up.

Securing the cake

Securing your cake will make your fireworks display safe. Because of this, no matter how stable your cake feels, you should never miss out on supporting them. If not, the fireworks can tip over and misfire, causing potential accidents and serious injuries.

Know that making it secure is easy. All you have to do is place a wooden stake into the ground and attach your cake in an upright position to the stake. You may use cable ties, gaffa tape, or parcel tape to connect it and make sure to avoid overtightening it.

Angling the cake

Cakes should always be secured in an upright position. However, there are some instances where you can angle them, such as when you are trying to compensate for wind direction to boost safety or enhance its “wow” factor by creating an artistic effect. 

When you want to angle the cake, you can either place it flat on a board and angle the board slightly or put a wooden slat under one side of the board. Make sure that the cake stays secure, and the fire is directed upwards. Keep in mind that angling cakes can be risky. If you are unsure, then it is best to keep the direction of the fire upright.

Waterproofing the cake

Even the slightest moisture from the dew on grass or damp from the ground can kill the fuses of cakes, causing chemical reactions and leading them to perform poorly. This can be especially dangerous when they are lit up. 

When setting up your cake, consider waterproofing them to ensure that they are kept dry. To prevent moisture from seeping into your fireworks, place them on a paving slab or a wooden board before putting them on the ground. This way, you improve the safety of your cakes not only by keeping them dry but also by preventing them from tipping over and firing off in the wrong direction.

Setting up the candles

Candle fireworks work similarly to cakes. In fact, cakes consist of candles that are bundled together. For this reason, the process of securing, angling, and waterproofing candles are the same as handling cakes.


Adding an extravagant fireworks display at your celebration is sure to wow and impress your guests. Whether you are tying the knot, celebrating an anniversary, or throwing a big birthday bash, fireworks of all kinds can make your special occasion even more extraordinary and unforgettable. 

When looking to purchase fireworks online, search for the type that produces your desired effects and make sure to buy only safe and high-quality products. 

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