4 Things You Need to Know When Planning a Fireworks Show

Firework shows are exciting and can surely catch the attention of anyone. The wonderful blasts and shimmering lights in the sky, accompanied by the cheers of the people watching, will always be a sight to behold. For that reason, many people look forward to hosting their own fireworks party. However, there are many things to consider when planning a fireworks show. One wrong move and the whole display can end up failing.

As much as possible, you want to ensure that your fireworks show will be the talk of the town—or at least, the talk among the people who witness the display.

Whether it’s for a family event, an office event, or for the sight of the whole neighbourhood, here’s what you need to know before you put up a fireworks display:

1. Legal matters first

While pyrotechnics are a beautiful thing, there’s definitely danger that lies behind each piece. In some areas, fireworks are not allowed. Before you go buying in bulk, you may want to check the laws in your city and see whether or not fireworks displays are legal. The last thing you want is to get a lawsuit just for wanting to give everyone a spectacular show.

2. Quality assurance is king

When you buy fireworks, make sure you’re buying from a legitimate dealer. Don’t trust sketchy fireworks shop that don’t have enough evidence to show that they’re a legitimate business. Pyrotechnics are potentially hazardous, and many have been hurt in the past. This is primarily due to products that haven’t been tested and did not undergo proper quality assurance.

Only trust dealers with the right certifications and a license to operate. The general rule of thumb is that if there’s no label that shows the manufacturer’s name and user instructions, then it’s an illegal product.

3. Plan your sequence strategically

Now, you wouldn’t want to fire everything simultaneously and end the display within 30 seconds or less, surely. What’s more, that would be an extremely confusing display of lights and colour. If you don’t want your watchers to witness what would seem like unicorn barf, then make a strategic fireworks display plan.

To do so, you must first identify the fireworks that are the weakest. These will be your starters, which are meant to grab the attention of the people who can see them. Then, gradually move up to the moderate ones until you reach the big fireworks. These will serve as the main attractions, which are meant to wow your audience. Also, don’t leave gaps in between firing each set. Depending on the duration of the fireworks, you want to light each one three to five seconds before the preceding one ends. 

4. Prepare a large open space

Of course, you want to light the fireworks in a safe space. Make sure that there is no infrastructure that the fireworks could collide into. You also want the space where you light the fireworks a bit far from the audience. Not only will this keep them safe, but it will also give them an optimal viewing angle, allowing them to get the best visual experience possible.


Fireworks are indeed a marvellous creation of mankind, and everyone wants to savour each second during a display. The same goes for the host. You want to give the watchers the most beautiful display of lights for the night. For added fun, play some super loud and majestic music in sync with the fireworks, making them come alive even more.

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