Glen | Lets Party Fireworks


Glen is the owner of Lets Party Fireworks, and has been running the business for over 10 years.

Glen's passion for fireworks is obvious - and a huge amount of his time goes into finding new fireworks with the best effects on the market - to proudly stock as part of the Lets Party Fireworks range.

Our Story

Lets Party Fireworks have been trading for over 10 years, bringing the best fireworks on the UK market to our customers.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest possible quality for the cheapest price.

As firework fanatics ourselves, we realise the importance of having top quality fireworks that you can be sure of putting on a good show with.


Our mission

Why should you choose Lets Party Fireworks over the many different firework retailers on the market?

We believe the key reason is our passion for fireworks. We often have long conversations with our customers purely through the love of fireworks - and we take a keen interest in every single customer's fireworks display.

We absolutely love seeing videos and photos of your firework displays - so please do send them in to us!

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