When Should You Cancel a Fireworks Show Due to Rainfall?

Having a fireworks display is an excellent way to cap off your evening event. Besides showing off your occasion’s budget through colourful sparks of light, you’ll also be literally ending the night with a bang. Unfortunately, unlike indoor performances, fireworks displays need to pay attention to general weather conditions. Rainfall is a problematic environmental factor that you have to consider in planning your pyrotechnics performance.

“What happens when fireworks get wet?”

Many people make the wrong assumption that rainfall can automatically cancel a fireworks show. Contrary to popular belief, an evening light show can still push through just as long as the fireworks’ fuses aren’t wet.

Fireworks use the process of ignition to activate the chemical mixture found inside its packaging. It’s essential to have a dry fuse so that the explosion can take place. Wet fuses will prevent the ignition, so the fireworks would not launch and explode. One way to continue a fireworks event is by keeping your equipment safe from the rain.

“How do I protect my fireworks from rainfall?”

Proper storage of your fireworks plays a significant role in whether you can push through with your event. The presence of dampness can ruin the fuse’s ignition, which can cause some, if not all, of your fireworks to misfire. Keep them in a cool and dry place with extra water-proofing measures, such as airtight bags or tarp to cover them from the elements.

“How do I check my fireworks after rainfall?”

If you’re anticipating light rainfall before the start of your event, you should ensure that your equipment and gear are covered and away from any large bodies of water. Besides protecting them from rainfall, you should also consider the rising water levels and moisture from the ground. As much as possible, keep your gear away from the ground since spillback of rain can also wet your fireworks equipment.

Once the rain stops, you should perform a proper check-up of your equipment if you’ll need to perform repairs or replacements. Before you start your event, check if the fuse area is undamaged from the rain. If you notice anything unusual, such as dampness or wet fuses, it might be best for you to replace the rigging of some of your pyrotechnic devices or avoid including them in the show.

“When should I cancel my fireworks show?”

The presence of light rain or drizzle isn’t always enough to cancel a fireworks show, as long as you observe proper safety guidelines in protecting your gear. However, you should consider cancelling your event if you’ll be anticipating heavy rains or stormy weather.

Besides the threat of water droplets ruining your fuses, strong winds can make setting off your pyrotechnic display dangerous. Heavy gusts of wind can put your fireworks’ trajectory off track and lead to accidents, especially if your fuse area is near your audience’s viewing area.


A fireworks display is an extravagant display of celebration in events that commemorate milestones, such as company anniversaries or national holidays. In planning a performance that requires pyrotechnics, you need to be wary of the safety risks that are involved in executing these spectacles, especially during harsh weather conditions. You should learn when to put event preparations aside for the sake of your guests’ and participants’ safety.

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