What You Need to Know About Shipping Fireworks

Unlike other items, rocket fireworks are not something that you can quickly and freely deliver. That is because these are still explosives and may cause damages and accidents while on-board. That is why fireworks deliveries are tightly regulated by the authorities, especially for long-distance travels. As such, the cost and process of delivering fireworks are much more complicated and limiting.

If you want to learn more about the regulations on rocket fireworks delivery, here is a quick guide about its basic requirements, processes, and safety rules and regulations that everyone should follow:

Fireworks Classification to Consider

Particular firework products cannot be shipped to other places. That is decided and regulated according to its classification. Aside from that, suppliers should receive first a Competent Authority Document (CAD) before shipping to ensure a safe and secured shipping method.

To give you an idea, here are several methods of how commercial fireworks are classified:

  • Local or national authority classification
  • UN test results and information from the manufacturer
  • Technical data on the performance
  • The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Explosives Storage and Transport Committee Classification

Transporting Fireworks and Car Insurance

If you drive rocket fireworks using your personal car or van, know that it may affect your car insurance policy. Even if it is for a short distance, your insurance provider might not grant you the desire to use your vehicle for carrying fireworks, which is classified as an explosive, while on the road. Typically, a special license is needed to allow the transport of fireworks.

Delivering Fireworks Locally

When you buy a firework locally, expect that there is a regulation to follow. Typically, a firework store would deliver the item to your home. Shipping costs for this is relatively more expensive as this includes a hazardous material surcharge. Aside from that, the additional expert packaging material is used to ensure safety. Since it is classified as an explosive, a special courier delivers the item to ensure safe transport and right handling qualifications.

Unlike regular parcels, you need to sign consignments when delivered to your home. The buyer or a representative, which must be at least 18 years old, must sign the documents and may also need to present an identification card.

Delivering Fireworks Internationally

Strict regulation is also observed when carrying or transporting fireworks internationally. If a firework company’s manufacturer is from a foreign country, expect a ton of paperwork to work on. Both manufacturers and importers should have valid CAD documentation to allow transport. Again, this is required to ensure the safety and validity of transport.

However, it is essential to note that importers cannot ship internationally to retailers. So, if you want to purchase rocket fireworks online, consider buying from local companies instead to receive next-day fireworks delivery.


Unlike other parcels, strict regulations are observed when delivering fireworks either locally or internationally. Firework companies work with special couriers to ensure safety procedures and proper handling of the explosives. Aside from that, adequate documentation, typically a CAD, is needed to allow transport from one location to another.

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