5 Tips to Remember When Having Fireworks on Your Wedding Day

Modern weddings are all about coming up with unique ideas to serve as entertainment during the reception. From exciting dance numbers and engaging activities to experimental lighting, couples can showcase their talents and make their family and friends happy during the best night of their lives.

If you’re a fan of huge and colourful fireworks displays, then you’re going to love having them on your special day! They create an unparalleled experience not only for you but for your guests and loved ones too—after all, everyone gets to witness an exhilarating and enjoyable light show!

Below, we’ve gathered some useful tips if you’re considering fireworks and sparklers at your wedding day.  

Confirm with Your Venue

Part of celebrating a wedding is booking the perfect location, which will allow you to push through with the festivities you have in mind. If you’re incorporating fireworks for your wedding, make sure you’re granted permission beforehand. Some venues might require a permit before you push through with your plan.

Some venues will most definitely agree, provided that you only light them outside and usually in an open space. This is understandable to avoid accidents and fire hazards from arising, which could disrupt your memorable day. 

Ensure the Logistics

Weddings these days are captured through professional photos and videos, so everyone can relive the moment for years to come. Planning out the usage of fireworks entails letting your documentary team know what kinds of fireworks are involved. This way, they can prepare for the shoot the moment they are set off.

Aside from that, your wedding organizer, ushers, and everyone else involved should also be notified, so things are in place and everyone can join in. When it comes to lighting sparklers, it’s best to use long-stem lighters or have candles set up nearby to save time.

Prioritize Everyone’s Safety

Handling wedding sparklers involves taking extra precautions to make sure no one gets hurt. If you’re considering doing a lights tunnel during the bride & groom entrance, provide enough space for everyone so they can light the sparklers and you can pass through safely.

Regarding disposal, to avoid littering the venue, have a few buckets of sand or water nearby so the sparklers can be taken care of properly after being used.

Visualize What You Want to Happen

Hiring professional photographers and videographers allows you to stage your wedding photos to your heart’s content. If you want to use sparklers as props, you have to choose one that takes the slowest time to burn, especially if you have a lot of bridesmaids and groomsmen to fit into the picture. 

Savour the Moment

Capturing the essence of fireworks should be done during dusk or right after the sun has set, to achieve its maximum potential to light up the sky in all its glory. 

Besides that, during photo opportunities involving sparklers, to make the shots as authentic as possible, take your time and stay in the moment because all eyes are on you. You’re even encouraged to move at a slow pace to give your photographers a chance to capture all your best angles and perfectly document one of the highlights of your night. 


Launching fireworks and setting off sparklers adds to the charm of your wedding. As the sky lights up with beautiful colours, it serves as a reminder of the love emanating from your family and friends that have all come to join you to celebrate the biggest night of your life.    

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