There are absolute fun and excitement that come with having a firework display. Whether you're holding a wedding party, birthday bash, or just a bonfire night, fireworks can take the celebration to the next level. Imagine seeing the faces of guests in awe and wonder as they enjoy the colourful sights and booming sounds of your firework display.


It's one thing to invest in fireworks as the highlight of your celebration. It's another to handle them by ensuring the utmost safety of everyone around. That's why the firework safety code has been set in place in the UK. This code has a set of guidelines ensuring that the explosives are handled properly. Below are the safety guidelines to observe in handling your firework display.


  1. Firework purchase


As a general rule of thumb, make sure to buy fireworks with a CE mark that conforms to BSEN 15947:2015. This marking is a certification that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. All firework manufacturers are required to meet these safety standards.


  1. No alcohol consumption


It's prohibited for the individual who will set off the fireworks to consume alcohol. If you're the one tasked to light the fireworks, you don't want to be a little drunk and lose your control in setting off the fireworks.


  1. Water as a preventive measure


It's a requirement that you keep buckets of water close by. Should any untoward incident happen, you have something nearby to address the situation as soon as possible.


  1. Lighting the firework


Make sure to follow the instructions for each firework indicated in the manual. Among all the guidelines, this one is important: Light the fireworks using a torchlight. Never, ever light them with a naked flame.


  1. Firing the firework


When firing the firework, light the firework at an arm's length using a port firelighter. This firelighter comes with the fireworks for sale when you buy it from a reputable firework retailer.


  1. Spectators' distance


As far as the spectators' distance is concerned, they are required to stand well back, at least 25 meters away from Category 3 fireworks.


  1. Lit fireworks


Take note that once the firework has been lit, you should never go back. Know that even if it hasn't set off yet, it can possibly explode. You don't want to compromise your safety after all.


  1. Handling children


Adults are required to supervise their children around fireworks. They may roam around the fireworks, which can put their safety at risk.


  1. Lighting sparklers


For sparklers, make sure to light them one at a time. It's best to wear gloves for your safety. Lastly, and most importantly, never give sparklers to a child under five years of age.


  1. Handling pets


Make sure to keep the pets away from the firework display. Put them in a different location away from the noise, as they might go ballistic.




There is nothing quite as exciting as a firework display, particularly here in the UK. Understand, however, that fireworks are explosives, so mishandling them can be extremely dangerous. The good thing is that the firework safety code is widely recognised in the UK. While firing fireworks does not require any training, you must observe the fireworks safety code outlined above for the overall safety of your guests.


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