Top Rated Fireworks To Buy

Fireworks have the power to raise fun and excitement levels at your party and can even be a romantic setting for you and your partner. But which are the top rated fireworks to buy in the UK? Here, we will give you a comprehensive list of the best fireworks you need for your next firework display.

1. Multi-Shot Fireworks

Usually known as cakes or barrages, these fireworks are where multiple tubes are fused. This means you only need to light the firework once and multiple shots will appear, making it an easy and impressive choice for your fireworks display.

Any firework display will be elevated with the excitement of multi-shot fireworks. They are a safe option that doesn’t compromise on the wow factor and will impress anyone no matter if you’re buying for a birthday, wedding or any other celebration.

 2. Catherine Wheels

Catherine wheel fireworks are basically rotating fireworks. You can expect effects of sparkle which can be gold, silver or any other colour you desire. Some Catherine wheel fireworks also whistle as they rotate and don’t make huge bangs like other fireworks. This is why they are one of the top rated fireworks to buy. They are always a winner at fireworks shows and are great buffers for switching between larger fireworks.

 3. Compound Fireworks

The heart and soul of any fireworks displays are compound fireworks. They offer a plethora of effects without the need to have many different individual fireworks. These single ignition fireworks can contain up to 300 individual shots including several different effects. These all-in-one displays are one of the top rated fireworks to buy due to their convenience and exciting flare.

 4. Flare Fireworks

Speaking of flare, you can create those insta-ready photo moments for your wedding, gender reveal, engagement party or other celebration with high-quality smoky flare fireworks. They make quiet alternatives to fireworks and are ideal for making a statement on any occasion. Whether you need a flare to show pink or blue to reveal your baby’s gender, or flares for each of your wedding guests to send you off, there is always a perfect occasion for flare fireworks.

 5. Strobe Fireworks

No fireworks display is complete without an incredibly beautiful strobe firework. They can be low noise which makes them perfect for children and pets but is still impressive enough to catch everyone’s attention with their gorgeous lights and stunning colours. Strobe fireworks can build up your guest's excitement at the beginning of your fireworks display before the bigger fireworks.

6. Fountain Fireworks

Fountain fireworks are quiet but definitely show-stopping making them one of the top rated fireworks to buy. They are a perfect addition to your fireworks display and you will fall head over heels for the range of fountains you can buy. These fireworks are completely classic and shoot from the ground to create a dazzling spectacle of a shower of sparkles and pearls. Fountain candles have always been a popular choice for firework displays around the UK. They come in almost every firework selection box and are super small with a big impact.

7. Roman Candles

Roman candles come in a variety of sizes and effects from a few shots to hundreds per candle. Some are noisy, some are loud. Some crackle and some smoke. Choose pink roman candles or blue roman candles for incredible gender reveal pictures and impress your guests immensely. Despite the name, roman candles actually originated in China like most other fireworks. The roman candle is named after an ancient torture device used in the Roman Empire under the emperor Nero. 

 8. Rocket Fireworks

For the bigger and bang-ier fireworks, choose pyrotechnic rocket fireworks. These are a staple of fireworks displays and are usually saved for the grand finale which makes them one of the top rated fireworks to buy. There are many single rocket fireworks options available, each one providing a different effect, so whether you are looking for a showstopping finale or fun bursts of colour, there are so many products to choose from.

 9. Smoke Grenades

Enjoy a huge dash of colour at your next event with smoke grenades. They’re perfect for enhancing photography at your events and come in a range of different colours. In photography, usually, handheld smoke grenades are held by the subject. You can also place them in a safe location to create vibrant foregrounds and backgrounds for your photos. These smoke grenades can be used for dramatic effects at parties or can be the ideal way to find out your baby’s gender at your gender reveal party!

 10. Sparklers

Last but certainly not least are sparklers. No party or occasion is complete without some sparklers! They’re popular for drawing shapes and letters in the night sky and bring an extra dimension to the fun. They’re also popular at weddings for creating spectacular photo opportunities. Sparklers are loved by children and adults alike and make a great addition to any event.