How to Set Up a Cake & Candle Firework for the New Year

As the new year is fast approaching, we must end the year with a bang and welcome a new one. Of course, the occasion will inevitably be highlighted by a fireworks display in most cases. Hence, expect to see a breathtaking burst of lights in the sky and the echoing sounds from above.

When it comes to a fireworks display, why not go for cake and candle fireworks instead? A candle firework is a heavy gauge cardboard tube loaded with the shots, also known as “balls.” On the other hand, a cake firework is a series of tubes fused in one box, as if a square or rectangular cake. Once lighted, they both cause a chain reaction of shots and effects. What a great way to celebrate the new year!

If you’re looking for fireworks for sale, consider buying cake and candle fireworks and follow our practical guide below on how to set them up.

1. Make the cake stable

When it comes to setting up a firework, safety is top priority. For this reason, securing your cake is the initial step to take. This entails putting a wooden stake into the ground and positioning your cake in an upright position using a tape for attachment. No matter how stable it looks like, you want to ensure it’s well-supported. The last thing you’ll ever want to happen is for you and your family to get into a serious accident or injury. 

2. Angle the cake

While your cake is secured in an upright position, there are ways to angle them. All you have to do is to place it flat on a board and angle it slightly. If not, you can put a wooden slat under one side of the board. For instance, you can position it in such a way that it doesn’t go against the wind for safety and aesthetic effects. However, keep in mind that angling the cake can pose some safety risks if not done correctly. As a rule of thumb, make sure the cake stays as secure as possible.

3. Protect your cake from moisture

When it comes to the cake firework, moisture is your biggest enemy. Even the slightest moisture may kill the fuse and impact your fireworks display. Not only will it light up poorly, but it will also pose some danger. Hence, ensuring that your cake is free of moisture is a must. To do this, you’ll have to inspect the area and waterproof the cake itself to ensure it will be kept completely dry.

4. Set up the candle firework

As for your candle firework, the process is just the same as the cake firework. All you have to do is to follow the steps outlined above, from securing to angling down to waterproofing your firework. It’s just that simple and easy to follow!

5. Light up the fireworks

As the clock strikes midnight and the new year officially kicks off, there’s no other way than to light up the fireworks—both the cake and the candle. With all the key steps taken, you can ensure the utmost safety while enjoying the beautiful display.


At this point, you now know how to set up cake and candle fireworks for the new year celebration. All it takes is to make the cake stable, angle it, protect it from moisture, set up the candles and light the fireworks. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to set up! Ultimately, this fireworks display will kick your family’s new year celebration up a notch!

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