How to photograph fireworks on your phone

Firework season is upon us once again, and whether you’re preparing for some late Bonfire Night displays or are getting ready for a special event - there’s no denying that we’re all guilty of the odd social media firework snap. But how professional are your pics? 


Nobody can resist the draw of the camera when a beautiful firework goes off, but amongst the rafts of blurry, over-exposed shots, there’s often few that really translate the dazzling displays on offer.

If you’re looking to capture some truly high-quality firework photography this year, then you’re in the right place. With years of experience in the firework industry, today Let’s Party Fireworks are sharing some of our favourite go-to tips for taking professional firework photographs you can be proud of.

Can you take a good firework photo with a mobile phone?

If you’re wondering whether you can get a decent photo using a phone, then you’re not alone. A huge percentage of us will reach for our mobile phones to take a quick snap of a firework display, and with good reason too as most modern mobiles have high-spec cameras integrated – so why not?

But – can you really take a high-quality photo of a firework using your phone? The answer is yes!

Let’s Party Fireworks’ top tips for taking firework photography on your phone:

  • Use a tripod if possible – it may only be your phone, but if you’re really serious about getting a high-quality photo, then you’re going to want a steady frame at all times. A tripod doesn’t have to cost much, and it can make a huge difference in the end-result.
  • Consider the backdrop – many firework photos are taken with nothing more than the night sky in the background. However, if you’re in a built-up area there’s a chance that you could also be getting buildings in the shot too, which may not necessarily be what you were after.
  • Forget flash – what do you rely on when taking photos in the dark? That’s right, flash. However, when it comes to taking snaps of fireworks that are already incredibly bright, flash can leave you with an over-exposed, low-quality image. Try it without the flash and be amazed at how much clearer your picture is.
  • Don’t overdo it with the aperture – much like the flash function, aperture will have a direct impact on the light exposure of your finished image. Most smart phones now come with advanced camera functions that will allow you to alter your aperture with ease. We advise that you opt for small to medium range aperture which allows less light through.


 Taking a photo of fireworks on a mobile phone


Capturing that perfect New Year’s Eve snap

New Year’s Eve is guaranteed to bring a flurry of magnificent fireworks as we celebrate the passing of another year – so what have you got planned to take the perfect midnight photograph?

New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to put your new photography skills into practice as the night sky is lit up with fireworks large and small and here are our top tips:

  1. Get there early – if you’re going to a planned firework display for New Year’s Eve, you will want to get there early to give yourself a good spot and a place to take that perfect shot.
  2. Invest in some photo-worthy fireworks – if you’re hosting your own firework display to celebrate New Year’s Eve, then you don’t want to disappoint. We sell a range of fireworks perfect for New Year’s that will leave you the talk of the neighbourhood.

Enjoy firework displays safely and capture the moment

Whether its Bonfire Night, a wedding or New Year’s Eve fireworks – there’s never a more perfect opportunity to take a beautiful picture. However, it is important to always consider safety first, especially when trying to get the best pictures for your social media pages. Always remain a safe distance away from fireworks at all times, and never hold a lit firework.

If you’re looking for high-quality fireworks for your display, take a look at our collection. We also sell low noise fireworks for those looking for a more discreet display!