how long can fireworks be kept for

When buying fireworks whether it’s rocket fireworks, flare fireworks or even Catherine wheels, it’s important to look at the information included such as how long you can keep fireworks for and how to keep your fireworks to ensure they are used and stored safely. Expiration dates are usually listed on the fireworks and you should always check this before purchasing. Expired fireworks may not work their best and may even be more dangerous to use.

To avoid this, always buy your fireworks from reputable companies and make sure they are completely safe to use to minimise the risk of problems during use.

How Long You Can Keep Fireworks For

Everyone knows the basics about fireworks. You light them up, they shoot into the sky and go boom creating a beautiful experience for family and friends to observe! But what about the storage side of things? What do you actually do with your fireworks pre-boom? First of all, you should take note of the different classifications of fireworks before looking into how long you can keep fireworks for, as different classifications are stored differently.

Hazard Type 1 fireworks can pose a high hazard risk with a potential mass explosion. This means that the entire body of the explosive explodes in one go. You most likely won’t see these at your local supermarket as only licenced professionals can use them.

Hazard Type 2 fireworks can be a serious projectile hazard but don’t have the potential for a mass explosion like Type 1. This type of hazard has a potential danger of flying objects or materials that could be thrown from the fireworks and cause harm. Hazard Type 2 fireworks are best off being left to the professionals too.

Hazard Type 3 fireworks can be a potential fire hazard and cause a minor blast or projection. They are still dangerous but won’t cause as much damage as Type 1 and 2. You’re allowed to store 100kg of these fireworks for 5 days maximum. Type 3 fireworks can be stored safely forever if you’re holding 5kgs or less. When you’ve got over 100kg of fireworks, you can store them for 3 days but only with a license.

Hazard Type 4 fireworks are the ones you’ll most likely be able to buy for back garden bonfires as they are usually available to purchase in local shops or online. They should still be treated with caution, but they present a low hazard in the event of ignition. This means there is no explosion or projection but they can be set alight. You can store 5kg of Type 4 fireworks forever, 50kg for 3 weeks, and 250kg for 3 days.

How to Store Fireworks

Every Hazard Type is stored differently, but there are some general safety measures that you should put in place:


  • Don’t smoke around stored fireworks or when you are handling them
  • Keep the fireworks in dry conditions and ideally, temperature-controlled, you’ll need to dispose of any damp fireworks
  • You must have a licence to store over 50kg of fireworks
  • When storing fireworks, wrap them in plastic bags or in sealed bin liners to keep them safe
  • Keep away from children