Can Fireworks Negatively Affect Your Internet Connection?

Fireworks are beautiful to watch, and the sight of them usually means that something good is happening and that there’s a reason to celebrate. However, despite their beauty and significance, many think that fireworks can cause internet connection problems and other cable issues.

Now, is there truth to this belief? We’ll break it down for you and give you the answers below.

Can Fireworks Interfere With Your Internet Connection?

Fireworks contain various metals and chemicals. The bright colours that fireworks produce are all mixed with gunpowder. When gunpowder explodes, the metals oxidise instantly and give off flashes colours.

While these flashes are indeed a spectacle to behold, some people believe that fireworks can cause internet and other signalling issues. In some cases, the metals do not fully oxidise, which means that there is a possibility that they remain suspended in the air as a fine mist and float between a broadcast source. 

For the most part, fireworks should have no direct effect on your internet connection. However, there are some situations that may occur and cause you to lose your connection.

The Possibilities

For one, your electrical mast might break or shake if fireworks come into contact with it. If the mast is not connected correctly or you aim a firework directly at it, the exploding metals might damage or take the mast down entirely.

This could happen accidentally, so it’s best to aim away from buildings and masts when you’re about to set off your fireworks. The same thing could happen with cables. 

For fireworks to cause significant Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to your internet, there should be a lot of fireworks going off at the same time. Their residue must also gather in the clouds for an extended period.

However, this hasn’t happened even during the most prominent displays of fireworks on New Year’s Eve, which means that the odds of it happening on a normal day are slim. 

Another reason fireworks could interfere with your internet connection is when the firecrackers out there are illegal or classified as “outdated.” These fireworks are illegal because they can cause a lot of damage. They produce an incredibly loud sound that you can sometimes feel the earth shake beneath them—quite similar to when a small bomb detonates. 

Unfortunately, some people still manufacture these dangerous fireworks, and there are still some people who acquire them illegally.

In other words, should fireworks affect your internet connection, it is most likely due to deliberate action or mishandling.


In a nutshell, regular firework displays alone cannot interfere with your internet connection. However, deliberate mishandling or neglect might cause interference.

When it comes to fireworks, always remember to prioritize safety first. Don’t handle fireworks if you have no experience doing so or if you have no idea what you’re doing. Make sure to read the instructions on the package before you set them off. Additionally, only get legal firecrackers to ensure that they’re safe.

Keep in mind that fireworks can do more than mess with your cables. They could also cause you harm. 

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