4 Tips When Choosing Fireworks For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life—and what better way to accentuate it than with a spectacular display ending with a bang! Setting up a fireworks display may seem like a grand move on any regular day, which is why your wedding is the best time to have one done.

As spectacular pyrotechnics shows are, the beauty of your display is only as good as the particular wedding sparklers you buy. This highlights the importance of proper decision-making and planning for your closing act, as this one factor that can potentially ruin the entire day if it goes wrong.

To help you in that regard, here are four tips when choosing wedding fireworks for your big day.

Check local guidelines and legislations

Before anything, ensure that you know the basic local guidelines and regulations regarding fireworks use, else you might find yourself spending a lot on something that you couldn’t use. Pyrotechnic displays, in general, have a huge potential to do damage and harm—so having a quick background research done can avoid unnecessary expenses while ensuring safety.

Beyond local laws, however, make sure that your chosen venue is aware of your decision to use fireworks. They might have in-house rules that can also prevent you from using these on-site or strict rulings as to when and where you can set-up and store your goods.

Formulate a plan

In essence, all you’ll need to do is light your fireworks and the goods will prove its value on its own. But with a proper plan, your simple sparklers can turn into a spectacular show befitting your wedding.

Some simple music, appropriate timing, and a good lighting sequence can greatly enhance the overall effect of your display. Appropriating your wedding’s theme into it can also further enhance the overall aesthetics and impact of your lights show. A specialised firework that results in a display of your initials might be a spectacular added touch that you can consider having as well.

Pick the best in quality

Fireworks aren’t all made the same, the chemical composition varies across brands and types—changing the end result of lights and displays. By choosing the best ones in the market, you aren’t only assuring that they’ll work properly and look great, but you’ll also assure that they’re safe to use.

Subpar fireworks have the tendency to misfire—or worse, blow up entirely—which can end with you having a nightmare on your wedding day. Ensure that the products you’re buying are properly manufactured and have the appropriate safety license to avoid such terrifying risks.

Buy from an authorised dealer

Aside from assuring that your fireworks are of good quality, also make sure to buy from a reputable vendor. While you might trust an individual selling their own personal fireworks stash, improper storage can also ruin its effectiveness and safety. Reputable vendors with the correct license, on the other hand, will assuredly sell you legitimate, well-made, and properly stocked goods, which can further assure you of the safe usage of the fireworks.


Wedding fireworks are a great addition to highlight the grandiosity of your celebration. In order to assure that everything works out beautifully and safely, however, you must also plan your purchase of these pyrotechnic implements properly. With a good plan and proper implementation, your lights show will assuredly be the bang you need to make everything perfect.

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