4 Essential Tips to Safely Hold a Backyard Fireworks Display

While we all want to enjoy the wonders of fireworks, it can sometimes feel like there are never enough public fireworks displays to satisfy us. If you’re like us, then you might just be thinking about setting up a firework display right in your yard. 

Unfortunately for many people, backyard fireworks displays have been the reason for visits to the local clinic and hospitals, as many accidents have happened revolving firework use at home.

However, if you know the right safety precautions, holding a backyard fireworks display should be safe—easy, even. Here are our four essential tips for safely holding a home fireworks display:

1. Purchase sensible fireworks

You wouldn’t buy a nuke for a small garden now, would you? While that might sound a little exaggerated, many people make the mistake of purchasing fireworks meant for large spaces for use in their small gardens. This is just a big ol’ recipe for disaster.

When you’re out purchasing for fireworks, consider the size of your space. Typically, if you have a small garden, you’d focus on category F2 fireworks. They require eight meters between viewers and fireworks, making them perfect for small spaces. If you have a slightly larger area that allows for a 15-meter distance, category F3 fireworks should work, too.

If you find category F4 fireworks, ignore those. Those fireworks are meant only for professionals.

To make it even easier for you, we've categorised all of our fireworks by garden size:

2. Store it in the right place

Safety precautions don't start when you let the fireworks loose—in fact, safety precautions play out even when you store them. 

For example, when taking out the fireworks, you need to put them safely away from the reach of children and pets. Also, the container holding the fireworks should be cool and dry. Otherwise, damp fireworks can misfire, which can lead to utter disaster. In the same vein, do not store the fireworks in your pockets while you handle them. It can accidentally catch fire and go off right in your pants, sending you directly to the hospital. 

3. Buy quality fireworks

When you want to set up a firework display in your yard, you might be tempted to buy a bunch of cheap fireworks. Do not ever do this. While you might have a ton of fireworks for cheap, you are putting yourself at risk of an accident.

In other words, rather than having 30 cheap fireworks to awe your audience with, purchase only 15 or even 20 high-quality fireworks. In most cases, the high-quality fireworks will look a lot better when it goes off, so that means that even if you buy a ton of the cheap ones, it will not get anyone to go "wow." 

4. Keep the kids safe (as well as pets)

Kids and pets are two of the most curious creatures. This means that, if you do not keep a watchful eye over them, you might catch one rummaging through the stocks of fireworks or even heading towards a lit firework.

As a parent, this is the last thing you ever want to find your kids doing. Because of this, always make sure to keep close to them. 


 While having a backyard fireworks display is plenty of fun and excitement, especially during a special occasion, safety should be a top priority. So, remember the tips we’ve shared with you above, as the last thing you want to happen is for a terrific evening to end with a visit to the hospital.

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