3 Safety Tips When Purchasing and Handling Fireworks

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. This saying can be applied to many things, one of them being fireworks! If you are thinking of using them, whether it be a part of celebrations or enhancing a show of some sort, you will always need to keep safety in mind. 

There are many general rules when working with fireworks. For one thing, you should not be drunk or otherwise intoxicated when handling them. You should also never stand too close to them when they are about to go off. You must also keep an eye on kids whenever fireworks are involved. These are rules that are generally common sense, although that might not seem to be the case when you consider the many firework-related accidents still occur.

To help you ensure everyone’s safety when handling fireworks, here are more tips you can follow so that you can avoid unwanted accidents:

 1. Invest in good fireworks

Perhaps the one thing that many people often overlook when it comes to firework safety is the quality of the stuff they are handling. Generally, the higher the quality, the safer the fireworks will be.

 For that reason, you should not be skimping on the fireworks budget. Spend a little more for better fireworks. Only buy fireworks from reputable stores and not from any other place that feels shoddy. Also, remember to only purchase fireworks that have the text "BS 7114" indicated on their containers. This will show you that the fireworks are up to British standards.

 2. Purchase the right fireworks

Buying pricier fireworks for improved quality is essential, but purchasing the correct type of fireworks is just as vital. 

We are not talking about precisely which kinds of fireworks you should be buying. We are referring to the categories of fireworks that you should be paying attention to. For instance, if you wish to use fireworks for indoors or lawn use, you can check out categories one, two, and three fireworks.

Other fireworks, especially those with higher category numbers, will have different rules that apply to them. Some may even require a professional for safe handling. Some fireworks such as air bombs, for example, can only be handled by a certified fireworks expert according to the law.

 3. Light them properly

Now that you have the fireworks in your hand, you need to know how to light them properly. In other words, take the necessary precautions.

What do you need to light your fireworks safely? First, you will need a torch to light the fuse. With that, a bucket of water can also help put out any fires you may have caused by accident. You will also need to wear protection, such as safety glasses and gloves. Also, if you are planning to use fireworks like launchers, grab appropriate supports to keep them standing rather than tipping over when lit. 


By following our tips as well as all the other safety tips regarding fireworks, you ensure that you and your friends and family can enjoy fireworks safely. With that, if anyone else other than you is also handling fireworks, make sure they know about these safety rules. That way, no one's going to find themselves face-to-face with an accident.

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