Supernova - Lets Party Fireworks
Supernova - Lets Party Fireworks


Evolution Fireworks

Evolution Fireworks

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    70 seconds

    Powder Weight:


    Tube size:

    25,30 mm



    This 106 shot Big Compound Firework from Evolution, new for this year 2019 has 3 big separate  fireworks all linked together in one Large Compound cake.

    Lasting over 90 seconds, it dazzles from start to finish, beginning with gorgeous reds, accompanied by shimmering silver strobes before filling the sky, left to right with golden Willows with red tips and crackle.

    The middle cake starts with a zig zag pattern spreading greens and yellows, the a V shaped firing pattern with golden Willows and strobing horse tails.

    Then the finale is a absolutely masterpiece filling the sky with gold as far as the eye can see , this is topped off with even more strobes and golden crackle, a true display in a box.

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