Spellbound Selection Box
Spellbound Selection Box

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Spellbound Selection Box



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    Spellbound Firework Selection Box.

    The Spellbound selection box is from the Standard Fireworks range of family selection packs. A good small selection box for 25% off the normal retail price.

    Spellbound contains 7 fountains, 3 roman candles, 1 mini cake, 2 single shot tubes, 1 wheel and a couple of rockets, so you literally have a little of everything you need firework wise to entertain small children. There are no loud bangs in this box and we found it took about 15 minutes to light them one after each other.

    At our price Spellbound is now way ahead of other boxed selections and we have no hesitation in recommending it.

      • 16 low noise garden fireworks.
      • 8m minimum viewing distance.
      • Save £5 off the RRP.

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