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Having a party? Not sure what fireworks to go for? Then our PartyPack is the ideal choice! We carefully select only the best fireworks to go into our PartyPacks, with a variety of different firework types to give you the most amazing party possible. We're not called Lets Party for nothing!

Ideal for up to 30 people - our Silver PartyPack contains: 

  • Two small single-ignition cakes, Mars Bang and Kasjopea.
  • One Large Single Ignitions, 100 Shot,Nemesis,(Jorge).
  • Two Large 56 Shot Roman Candles (Vivid)
  • Two Medium Size Pack of 6 Rockets (12 in Total), R8 and Meteor Rockets Jorge.
  • Two large fountains, Hey Fountain and Etnas Revenge.
  • Five Medium Size single ignition cakes , 25 shots each, Tyrant, Wenus, Thunder Rain, Purple Rain, Scary Spiders. (Jorge and Absolute).
  • One Small Roman Candle 150 Shot, Dracula, (Jorge).
  • One Small 10 Shot cake, Macro Cosmos 2, ( Jorge).
  • One Small 36 Shot Cake, X-Ray,(Jorge)

Take the stress out of your party, and leave it to our experts here at Lets Party Fireworks!

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