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New for 2024 from Hallmark Fireworks.

Embark on a journey into the realm of pyrotechnic wonder with Oblivion, the exhilarating cake display from Hallmark Fireworks. Featuring 52 shots of explosive excitement, Oblivion delivers a pulse-pounding experience that will keep audiences captivated from start to finish.

From the crackling tails that light up the night sky to the vibrant bursts of colourful stars, each shot in Oblivion adds to the intensity and thrill of the show. With its weight of 266 grams, this compact yet powerful compound ensures that every moment is filled with explosive energy and dazzling beauty.

So gather your friends and family, prepare to be amazed, and let the explosive power of Oblivion light up the night sky in a blaze of glory. It’s time to unleash the magic of Hallmark Fireworks and create memories that will last a lifetime

Shots 52

Powder Weight 266g

Straight and Fanned Firing 

Hazzard Class 1.4g

Safety Distance 8 meters


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