Magical , 25 Big Bore Shots ,

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25 BIG 25mm bore vertical shots.

Golden rain bombards with sequences of complementary two coloured stars.

This is a great barrage firework for any display !!

Magical is a straight-firing firework. This means it will fire straight up into the sky. Perfect if you have obstacles either side of the firing space, but have a large opening overhead.

This firework has a noise rating of 3/5 which is one of our mid noise rated fireworks. It will go off with the traditional sounds of fireworks - adding to the beautiful visual effects in the sky.

The duration of this firework is approximately 35 seconds.

Need some help deciding if Magical is the right firework for you? We offer FREE expert advice on this, and EVERY firework in our range - get in touch and we will help you select the perfect fireworks for your event!

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