Let’s Party Big Daddy Display Pack ( Save £100 )

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Wow , what a fantastic display pack !!

This pack contains ALL 30 mm big bore shots from one of the best outstanding firework companies on the market today . 
This pack had been cherry picked from the finest selection that there is !!

1. Vivid 25 shot cakes x 3 , each firework has different effects as follows, gold  whirling tails to massive gold wave king with red blinking stars , big green stars that burst into massive green blink willow effects, silver tails to massive blink crown effects.

2. Vivid 25 shot fan cake , this massive firework fires a bank of 5 shots at the same time in a fan formation , effects are a silver mine lift followed by green blink bouquets to purple dahlias with green blink and massive silver strobes .

3. Vivid 36 shot straight firing cakes x 2 different ones here, the first fires red tails to massive gold brocade crown king with red blinking strobes , the next has 5 different coloured effects which  are red, green, blue , yellow and purple tails that burst into dahlias with white blink bouquets.

4. Vivid 48 shot fan cake is a huge firework, this fires 7 shots at a time , 4 coloured mine lifts with gold glittering stars with green and red stars then followed by red and green bright single stars at its peak , fantastic effects 

All these fireworks above are so good that we use them in our pro displays , the colours and effects and sublime!! 


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