Asylum Barrage Pack ( 9 x Fireworks )
Asylum Barrage Pack ( 9 x Fireworks )

Firework Video:

Asylum Barrage Pack ( 9 x Fireworks )

Vivid Pyrotechnics

Vivid Pyrotechnics

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    NEW FOR 2020

    An amazing new barrage pack from VIVID containing 9 assorted barrages, each with its own effects. With a range of bore sizes including 20, 25 and 30mm for a good variety of different sized sky bursts. We’ve listed the cakes, their shot count and bore size below. Check out the video for the full effects.

    All of the fireworks in this pack are 1.3g and are category F2, however, we would suggest a minimum safety distance of 15 metres.

    Details for each cake are below.

    Crackpot – 16 Shot 20mm F2
    Demented – 16 Shot 20mm F2
    Pyscho – 25 shot 20mm F2
    Professor X – 64 shot 20mm F2
    Lunatic – 16 shot 25mm F2
    Night Terror – 25 shot 25mm F2
    Crazy Time – 16 shot 30mm F2
    Killer Clown – 16 shot 30mm F2

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