4X (4x 50 shot cake pack) by Absolute | Lets Party Fireworks
4X (4x 50 shot cake pack) by Absolute | Lets Party Fireworks

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4X (4x 50 shot cake pack)



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    2016 sees the introduction of a pack of four 50 shot cakes by Absolute Fireworks under their Black Label brand. The Black Label fireworks are a range of semi-professional style fireworks, so although the packaging might not look particularly impressive or large the high power powder these fireworks contain means more impressive and amazing effects.

    This pack of four 50 shot cakes come in a pyromesh carton. The advantage of pyromesh cartons is that they allow the general public to store the more powerful fireworks without any issues. As this pack of four 50 shot cakes are tested under the ne CE (European) regulations they are suitable for viewing at a minimum distance of 8m, so whilst the size and quality of their effects makes them suitable for large displays you can also use them in a suitably sized back garden.

    The four 50 shot Black Label cakes come with dual fusing,and are also all the same height, this means that for someone experienced in competency with fireworks they can all be joined together to create a 2 minute display. The dual fusing element also means that should the primary fuse fail on a firework you do have the opportunity to light the reserve fuse.

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