What are fountain fireworks?

Fountain fireworks get their name thanks to the more lowkey nature of their display. Often silent, fountain fireworks are ground level fireworks that emit an attractive plume that usually starts off low and slowly, and slowly climbs to a greater height. The end result is a constant stream of bright fireworks, without the loud noises that starts off gently, and finishes gently.

 Most fireworks come in a cone shaped container and are sometimes also called volcano fireworks thanks to the way they erupt and spout a flow of firework.

 What is the difference between firework mine and fountains?

Although they share some similarities, fountain fireworks and firework mines are quire drastically different, so if you’re planning a firework display it can help to get familiar with these two popular types of firework.

Firework mines emit a very loud explosion that, unlike many other types of firework, goes off in one for a dramatic display that is sure to grab attention – making it the perfect display finale option whether it be by itself or alongside something else.

Firework mines are often deemed to be amongst the most popular type of firework on the market and are sought after for creating a dramatic finale to a good display. They differ from fountain fireworks in a few areas, but perhaps them most notable is the difference in sound. Whilst most fountain fireworks are silent, or give off a low crackling sound, ground mine fireworks give off an extremely loud bang.

 What are the loudest fireworks?

It is possible to get fireworks that range from silent displays to those exceeding 150 decibels. It’s important when selecting the fireworks for your display that you consider your surroundings, and the nature of the event. Here at Let’s Party Fireworks, we supply a huge variety of fireworks, including everything from novelty fireworks to aerial and ground level fireworks – so there’s sure to be something perfect for your event.

If you’re looking for a loud firework that will turn heads, why not get in touch to speak with one of our team who can advise you on some of the best selling bangers we have in stock.