How long do firework cakes last?

Naturally, the length of time that a firework cake lasts will vary depending on the size of the firework itself. Some of our barrage fireworks have hundreds of individual fireworks in one box, whilst others may have less. Typically, though, a firework cake can last anywhere between 20-40 seconds before going out, although it’s possible for some to last up to a minute or more.

What is a barrage firework?

As the name might suggest, a barrage firework is a large multi shot firework that releases multiple fireworks off in quick succession. These are one of the most popular kinds of fireworks for big displays as they offer an extra level of safety (due to only needing to be lit once), as well as looking fantastic. There are a wide variety of barrage fireworks that we offer, from the famous Celtic cakes through to the well-loved Blackcat collection – so depending on your specific requirements you’re sure to be spoilt for choice.

What is a 500g cake?

If you’re looking to create an all singing, all dancing firework display, but don’t want to buy multiple individual fireworks, a 500g cake may be the perfect solution. These one-man extravaganzas are multi shot fireworks that never fail to impress. Consisting of multiple pre-loaded tubes, this type of firework offers everything you could need or want in a firework display, all in one box, and all ready to go with just a single light.

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