Primed Pyrotechnics

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Full House Barrage Box

A selection of 9 stunning fireworks, all containing multi effects, this is a brilliant brand and thi..


Gold Sparklers 18 inch

Pack of 5These 18 inch gold sparklers from primed pyrotechnics fireworks are a great addition to you..


Halleys Comet Rocket Pack

A fantastic pack of 5 rockets - 3 large, and 2 small. The gunpowder content on these make them very ..


Hells Bells

Red tail to Red Peony, Red tail to Green peony, Red tail to Blue peony, Red tail to Yellow peony, Re..



A.Silver coco. And and blueC.yellow and whiteD.Blue and whiteE.purple and white..


Mercury Rising Rocket Pack

1. Brocade crwon + purple peony2. Brocade crown + green peony3. Golden willow + red peony4. Golden w..


Newton's Cradle

Red tail red peony, green tail white strobe, blue tail blue peony with time rain, silver tail crackl..


One Armed Bandit

Red coco white glitter, green coco red glitter, Yellow coco green glitter, golden wave red gree..


Quasar - Rocket Pack

A great pack of two large rockets. One of these rockets makes a huge smiley face in the sky... try b..


Roll the Dice

Green tail to green star gold strobe, blue tail to blue star gold spider, red tail red star with spe..


Russian Roulette

Red tail to red star white strobe, green tail green star time rain, blue tail to titanium gold coco,..


The Glittering Prize - Two Pack

Two 56S CAKE: Red coconut white strobe. red tail to color time rain. Titanium golden coconut green s..