Kimbolton Fireworks

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Brimstone Rockets

High Flash 1.3G rocket with large single burst (116g NEC)     4 different types availableG..


Glittering Gemstones

GLITTERING GEMSTONESCEGGSLonglasting, crackling multicolour effects.8 TubesCE Cat: 265 Seconds Appro..


Jumping Jelly beans

JUMPING JELLY BEANSCEJJBWeird blobby bouncing multicolour effects!6 TubesCE Cat: 245 Seconds Approx1..


Krakatoa Tube Mine

A spectacular firework which produces a vertical column of burst effects and colours with a very lou..


Raptor Rockets

German made, high flash 1.3g rocket with large single burst and secondary effects (188g each)5 effec..



STALAGMITECESTrue conical fountain that grows from appox 1 metre to 4 metres in 65 seconds with a br..


Steel Selection Box

STEEL SELECTION BOX7 Items including Fountains, mines and roman candles.LOW NOISE BOX CE Cat: 2..