Celtic Fireworks

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Bam Roman Candle

A 56 shot low noise roman candle by Celtic Fireworks, with twisting gold tails to crackling bursts.T..


Boogie Roman Candle

A 56 shot low noise roman candle by Celtic Fireworks, with gold tails to red and blue stars wit..


Celtic Dawn

Our Price : £11.99RRP : £14.99Celtic Dawn by Celtic is 25 shots of purple green stars and gold stobe..


Champagne Fizz

Watch this cake fizz and crackle like nothing youve seen before.Duration: 23sec..


Chemical Romance

Our Price : £49.99          RRP : £57.99 Chemical R..


Colourful Crossette

Our Price : £12.99          RRP : £15.99 Colourful..


Crazy Crackles

25 shots of silver tails to crackling starsDuration: 22sec..


Etnas Revenge

Triangle fountain with silver primrose,purple stars, white chrysanthemum, red star gold chrysan..


Flash Harry

Our Price : £7.99 RRP : £10.99 Flash Harry by Celtic is a 16 shot cake of Red bursts with blue ..


Fork Handles

A 49 shot fanned cake by Celtic Fireworks - Red mine, whistling with silver crossette.Duration:..


Fusion Trail

Our Price : £19.99          RRP : £21.99 Fusion Tr..


Glacier Rising

Massive silver conic fountain with height of over 15 feet...


Go Go Go

Our Price : £69.99RRP : £79.99GO GO GO By Celtic is a is a fast and furious 100 shot sky fillerWhite..


Gold Sparklers 18 inch

These 18 inch gold sparklers from Celtic are a great addition to your display...


Happy Shepherd

Gold tail to twilight strobe with red pearl, gold tail to twilight strobe with sea blue, gold tail t..



Rows 1/3/5. Gold strobe bouquet tail to colour to golden palms; 2/4. White strobe bouquet tail gold ..