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Meteor Rocket

4 types to these,red ring to silver strobe pistil,silver strobe,crackling willow,and crown king, the..


Brimstone Rockets

High Flash 1.3G rocket with large single burst (116g NEC)     4 different types availableG..


Demolition 3" Shell Rocket

A collosal 3” display quality shell rocket with a stunning effect, normally reserved for professiona..


Raptor Rockets

German made, high flash 1.3g rocket with large single burst and secondary effects (188g each)5 effec..


Mercury Rising Rocket Pack

1. Brocade crwon + purple peony2. Brocade crown + green peony3. Golden willow + red peony4. Golden w..


Sky Hunter Rockets

Five stunning rockets in each pack. One of our most popular rocket packs year on year... truly super..


Quasar - Rocket Pack

A great pack of two large rockets. One of these rockets makes a huge smiley face in the sky... try b..


Halleys Comet Rocket Pack

A fantastic pack of 5 rockets - 3 large, and 2 small. The gunpowder content on these make them very ..


Super Show Rocket Pack

This pack of 4 excellent display rockets create a big bang and shell burst including silver crown cr..