Klasek Fireworks

If you’re looking for high-quality fun pyrotechnics then you’re sure to be impressed with our extensive range, including fireworks perfect for a tight budget, or a lavish display. As one of the UK's leading suppliers of Klasek fireworks, we stock over 50 variations designed by the Czech pyrotechnic company, all of which offer something unique and dazzling.
Klasek fireworks are world-renowned, having been retailing pyrotechnics since 1991 when they first started up in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They have since made a name for themselves here in the UK as the largest company of its kind, offering the most dynamic fireworks and the highest quality goods, at an affordable price.
What sets Klasek fireworks apart is their innovative design, meaning that if you choose to include their fireworks in your display – you’re bound to create something that stands out in people’s minds for years to come!
You can purchase Klásek fireworks from our online store with free delivery available, including some of our best-selling products such as the impressive Brocade War cake, which is currently at a discounted price!