Lets Party Pack 2

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Firework Highlights


Another great party pack here which consists rockets, cakes and fountains.

Ideal for birthdays parties and celebrations.

1. Thunder rockets pack of 6 rockets.

2. Shock and Awe , barrage cake and fountain.

3. Blasting Barrel, long lasting combination fountain. 150 seconds duration.

4. Pot of Gold Fountain, 60 seconds duration.

5. Maxi Blast Selection Box , consists of 17 fireworks, fountains, Roman candles and wheel.

6. Gunpowder Barrels , barrage cake and fountain.

7. Massive Attack, 25 shot big firework.

8. Sky Marvel, 25 shot big firework.

9. Power Storm , 100 shot combination firework.

10. Seismic Cyclone, big 19 shot Firework.

This party pack has everything you need for a great party display. 

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