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We have something exciting in the pipeline here at Lets Party Fireworks. We're currently sorting through our fireworks, to design some unique and amazing offers when you buy more than one firework. Whether you want to fill the sky with ten Brocade Wars, or put on a stunning display with five roman candles.. we have you covered, both online and in our Essex showroom! Let us know below of any fireworks you'd like to see us do a bulk buy deal on, and we'll make sure we include it in our new offers which will launch next week! Have a...

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2019 brings around many changes for most people, and we're no different here at Lets Party Fireworks! We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you our brand new website. With a fresher design, and easier ordering process - we think this website will be popular with our loyal customers and potential new customers alike! We're still busy adding a whole host of new features - which will be ready very soon, but for now we hope you enjoy the new website! If you have any suggestions, or feedback - please get in touch... we love hearing from you! ...

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